PCK84 True 8 Gauge 99.99% Oxygen Free Copper Complete 4-Channel Amplifier Wiring Kits


17ft (5.5 meters) OFC 4-channel dual twisted-pair construction RCA interconnect cable, with black nylon wire loom and satin chrome tips

17ft (5.5 meters) Premium True-spec 8 Gauge OFC red power wire with seamless ring terminal, wrapped in 6ft nylon braiding tubing

3ft (.95 meters) Premium True-spec 8 Gauge OFC black ground wire with seamless ring terminal

20ft (6.4 meters) OFC 18 Gauge remote turn on lead wire

30ft (9.5 meters) Premium True-spec 16 Gauge OFC red/black speaker wire

One brass Mini-ANL Fuse-holder with 80A mini-ANL fuse offers ideal protection for high powered systems

One black rubber firewall grommet

Two 8 Gauge nickel plated spade terminals with red/black boots

Five 16 Gauge spade terminals with red/black boots

Four 16 Gauge speaker terminals

Two Red 18 Gauge butt connector

10pcs 6” Black zip ties & 1pc M6 screw/washer

Recoil Premium OFC Kits Introduction


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Looking for a true 8-gauge oxygen free copper amp wiring kit? Recoil is proud to introduce the PCK8 & PCK84 8 Gauge Amplifier Wiring Installation Kit. This package includes everything you need, including RCA cable and speaker wire, to get your amp powered-up properly and running at its peak efficiency.

Recoil chose to utilize top-quality materials throughout the kit, including true oxygen-free copper power, ground, RCA and speaker wire. This full copper wire helps prevent signal and power loss through the entire audio system, allowing your amplifier and components to operate to their fullest. The ultra-durable and flexible outer jacket makes installation and routing of the cable a breeze.

The superior quality and materials of Recoil also shows in the included accessories. The solid brass and satin chrome plated Mini-ANL Fuse holder with a 80 amp Mini-ANL fuse, protecting you from costly power surges or grounding issues. The power wire comes wrapped in 6 feet of durable nylon braided tubing to protect it from heat and chafing in the engine bay. Even simple installation accessories such as the spade connectors are nickel plated for superior long-term durability and signal transfer.



Recoil stranded wire is extremely tolerant of the rough conditions in vehicles and compensates for vibration, heat expansion and flexibility. This flexible but well shielded wire is crucial for getting through all of the nooks and passage ways within the cramped confines of vehicle interiors.

Cable Thickness

The thickness of the actual wire, not the insulation, is critical when it comes to transferring the extraordinary current of your audio system. With hundreds of strands of wire in one cable you get an increased current flow and a higher amperage carrying capacity with a reduced cable size.

Insulation Material

Recoil insulation hinders electric current from exiting the wire prematurely which prevents electrocution and damage to components within the vehicle. Additionally, the insulation maintains the flexibility of the wire while preventing corrosion and damage in the hostile vehicle environment.


Additional information

Weight 3.75 lbs
Dimensions 10.8 × 8.3 × 2.0 in


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